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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

News for July 2017

Welcome to Pedaltours 'Dispatch' a brief newsletter we send on occasion to keep our Pedaltours customers up to speed with our activities. 

A fundraising cycling tour 

The Lions’ Supporters Group on the Thames coast, Coromandel Peninsula

Undertaking New Zealand Cycling during June can be risky! The weather is rather unpredictable but whilst you can strike rain and wind there’s also a good chance of sunny, stunning blue sky days, albeit usually slightly chilly!

We have just finished a biking tour with a group of Welsh cyclists. The tour covered the Coromandel Peninsula and Central North Island and was timed to coincide with the visit of the Lions’ rugby team. For those not familiar with the Lions, it is a team made up of the best players from the 4 Home Nations, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, who last visited in 2005 so their return has been eagerly awaited by all of New Zealand where rugby is our national sport.

The tour has been a long time coming with planning starting nearly 2 years ago. The group of riders were raising money for a cancer hospital in Cardiff and were charged with collecting a minimum of $14,000 to be eligible for the tour. In all, the 14 riders raised over $200,000, a phenomenal effort which will contribute significantly to funding the research and treatment undertaken by the hospital.

We chose to take our bikers around the Coromandel Peninsula, a stunning part of the country overseas visitors rarely choose to visit but where many Kiwis hang out during their holidays. It does have some challenging climbs but the group battled up them all and enjoyed the rewarding descents and gorgeous beaches along the way. We were blessed with largely good weather and cycling in winter does bring the benefits of less road traffic and fewer tourists, so the villages and beaches were quiet and cafes and restaurants keen to look after us!

Overall the tour was a great success although the guides found it a little challenging watching the two rugby matches scheduled during the tour in local pubs surrounded by Lions’ supporters!

We run regular scheduled tours around the Coromandel Peninsula – click here to find out more information about the Coromandel Beaches Tour.

Cycling Croatia Tour

Our CEO spent April visiting our team in the Czech Republic and scouting a new tour we have developed in Croatia.

The Czech tour has been running for several years with two versions, both starting in the beautiful and historic city of Prague, with one (schedule tour) heading to Salzburg and the other (custom tour) to Vienna. Both have had great reviews over the years.

“I thought the routes (roads), landscape, scenery and towns were all well planned out – made the trip! I’ve done a lot of rides and I can’t say I’ve been on a better route in terms of the above!” Kurt, USA

Click here for more information on the Czech tours

Lately Croatia has been a frequently requested destination so in response to demand we have undertaken lots of research to develop a stunning tour taking in the best parts of the country; including some of the islands, the Isterian Peninsula, Krka National Park and the historical cities of Split and Dubrovnik.

We have hand-selected bike friendly hotels and memorable restaurants serving high quality local cuisine – we pride ourselves on guiding tours covering stunning scenery in interesting places but equally delivering exceptional food, wine and accommodation experiences, exposure to hidden cultural experiences and much more! We are confident we have got the right ingredients for an exceptional Pedaltours’ adventure in Croatia

We’ll keep you posted when the tours in Croatia are up and running (the plans are for Summer 2018).

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