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Philip Moritz invented and built the first bicycle in Germany about 200 years ago. Today there are over 70 million bikes in Germany.
Cycling is part of German culture. People ride to work, using them for exercise or just for enjoyment.

Germany is a paradise for cyclists vacationers. There are scenic routes in the lush countryside, along rivers and vineyards. Most of them are peppered with culinary stops, monuments and UNESCO World Heritage sites making it a compelling experience.

We have chosen a classic route from Hamburg to Dresden riding along the Elbe River Cycle Path and continue from Dresden to Prague in the Czech Republic. The route is loaded with historical monuments, many dating to the 1st millennium as well as breathtaking natural sights.


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Dresden to Prague - Self guided

  • 6 Days
  • Start in Dresden
  • Finish in Prague

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Elbe River cycling-Hamburg to Dresden 2019

Cycle a classic—Hamburg to Dresden along the Elbe River Cycle Path and visit communities, many dating to the 1st millennium. Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany, with its port known as the “Gateway to Europe.” Largely destroyed by during World War II, it has rebuilt to a splendorous metropolis. Dresden is known for having the best museums in Germany. Along the way, we see Lauenburg, founded in 1182, with a number of historic buildings and the UNESCO biosphere “Flusslandschaft Elbe.” We stay in Wittenberge overlooking the Elbe River. In Magdeburg, founded by Charlemagne in 805 AD, we see a number of historic buildings such as the Lutheran Cathedral of Saints, the tallest church building of eastern Germany. In Wittenberg, the birthplace of the Protestant Reformation by Martin Luther, we visit the historic centre, the site of a number of UNESCO World Heritage buildings. In Dessau, the birthplace of modernism architecture, we will see the Bauhaus Dessau Building, one of the buildings of a UNESCO World Heritage site, and many other buildings of modernistic design.
The route is well-known and follows the Elbe River Cycle Path.
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  • 14 Days
  • Start in Hamburg
  • Finish in Dresden

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